How to write a Best Opinion Essay - Guide 2021


An opinion essay is an essay written in which the essay writer has chosen one side of a particular argument. The opinion side should be backed up by sound evidence and clear facts, as well as good reasoning skills. For example, if the author is in favor of abortion being legal he must support his argument with evidence that proves this stance. If the opposite view is taken, then it should be argued just as persuasively. One way to organize your thoughts on how to write a best opinion essay would be to use the following structure:


Introduction – In this section you will need to state your position clearly using strong language and avoiding jargon terms and technical terminology. You need to make sure that the reader clearly understands what side you are taking and why.


Body of the essay – This is where you provide factual evidence to support your argument. A good opinion essay should be backed up with statistics, surveys, interviews and other forms of credible evidence. Be careful not to introduce any opinions into this body section; it should contain only facts and figures that will convince the reader that your chosen position is correct or incorrect.


Conclusion – In this last section you need to summarize your point by restating in a different way what you have already written in the introduction and then by adding some final thoughts on why you hold this view or how it fits in with the overall issue at hand. What do you feel will happen if things stay as essay writer service are or if they change?

In order to write an effective opinion essay you should also:

  • Research the topic thoroughly and provide examples of your findings in your body section.

  • Use credible language that fits with the subject matter. Avoid inflammatory terms, clichés, propaganda language and jargon; stick to clear writing style throughout.

  • Make sure that all facts are correct before using them in your argument. Check spelling and grammar carefully too. For example, be careful not to use ‘pro life’ when you really mean anti-abortion; these two words are very different in meaning!


Here is a sample format for how to write a best opinion essay:

Introduction – In this section you state clearly the position taken and then provide examples of why you feel this way. You also give the reader a clue as to what they can expect if they read on (for example, ‘There is a very unpleasant smell coming from your kitchen sink’ or ‘I am strongly in favor of tough prison sentences for violent criminals’).

Body of essay – This is where you present evidence to support your argument. Good sources include survey statistics, articles written by experts in the field and powerful quotes from famous people. Avoid making any statements that are not supported with facts; the more credible evidence you use the better.

Conclusion – In this section restate points taken in introduction but make sure that it ties in with preceding body section; summarize main points again and then state how you feel the overall issue at hand should be handled.

Writing a best opinion essay is not as simple as it may seem. To write an effective and persuasive argument, you need to be able to take the essay writer free online of your reader, formulating a thesis statement that will draw in readers from the outset and provide them with information they can use to evaluate their own opinions on the topic at hand.